What is The Maven Platform

Our proprietary supply chain management software allows us to deliver promised service levels in a cost efficient way. Maven is a Cloud based warehouse management system to orchestrate client supply chains ensuring timely visibility to relevant information for all stake holders without compromising on productivity and reliably delivering service levels aligned with client business

Maven Platform

Key Components

Order Management System

Key Features
  • Multi-channel and multi-location sales order management
  • Intelligent logic to control order routing to warehouses based on channel, customer and distance
  • Returns management
  • Order tracking throughout life cycle
  • Product management
  • Inbuilt mini transaction engine to enable quick inward and outward in smaller locations, pop-up stores and POS substitute

Warehouse Management System

Key Features
  • Mobile first system with focus on accuracy and manpower productivity
  • Manage B2B and B2C orders through single interface
  • Handle advanced use cases like cross-dock and picking consolidation

Freight Management System

Key Features
  • Multi-modal vendor management
  • Improved procurement by auto allocation of vendors based on cost and service levels
  • Digital manifests, proof of handover and proof of delivery
  • Month end invoice and goods reconciliation


Sales Channels
  • Out of the box integrations with major e-commerce channels
  • APIs for custom integrations with all major ERPs and POS systems
  • Out of the box integrations with several major express delivery service providers
  • Quick turnaround for any additional transporters to be integrated

Time On Door Delivery

We Offers intelligent concepts for road & tail well as complex special services.

Meet Our Team

Cloud based warehouse management system

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Warehouse management system

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Supply Chain Management Software

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Cloud based warehouse management system

Vena Georgeyo

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