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Case Studies

Sanitary Ware Distributor

  • Improved fill rate to 99.9%+; delivered on a consistent basis
  • Reduced customer complaint resolution time by introducing POD and order tracking

Men's Apparel Brand

  • Lowered the cost of operations through a plug and play facility by ~20% compared to in house costs for the client
  • Scaled up the warehouse to handle ~65% of client turnover

Hospitality Brand

  • Lowered processing cost by ~25% as compared to current vendors due to improved processes and technology deployment
  • Ensured 100% accurate shipments through the use of integration with LTL providers for >1500 box dispatches per day
  • Complete reconciliation with transporters enabled through system data

Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

  • Deployed system and manpower in a multi-client facility to manage 3-4x peaks with 100% dispatch accuracy for multiple brands
  • Deployed USN to all products to improve tracking and audit
  • Key finance processes mapped to warehouse processes

Women's Apparel Brand

  • Deployed a warehouse in less than 1 week to manage peak load
  • Shortened inventory live cycle for returns inventory by 4-6 weeks; ~10-15% of overall inventory will benefit from the improvements